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David and Sandy Wheeles 

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    David and Sandy Wheeles were married on July 27, 1985 and live in Umatilla, Florida.

  David is  a retired veterinarian and Sandy is a stained glass artist -


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   Tika was born on March 5, 1996 in Williamson, Georgia. He is a typical Jack Russell Terrier

   and loves to make up games and play with anything at hand. He lives to run and chase 

   squirrels and rabbits. He has never caught anything, but the fun is in the chase.


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Kea45b.jpg (81717 bytes)   Kea was born on June 10, 2003 in Williamson, Georgia. She is a smooth-coated,

                             white & black Jack Russell Terrier. Kea loves to play with and sometimes torment Tika.

                             Kea is a keen hunter and she is always looking for lizards, skinks and anything that runs.

                             She loves to play fetch and will bring a ball, bone or any toy for someone to throw. Once

                             the object is thrown, the game goes on forever.......

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Rocky13.jpg (625704 bytes)  Rocky was born on April 14, 2005 in central Florida. He is a broken coated, tri-color Jack Russell

                                             Terrier. Rocky loves to run, walk on his hind legs, play with his toys, chew on bones and annoy his

                                             comrades. He is the most loving of the three Jacks.



Cujie2.jpg (944880 bytes) Cujie is an outdoor cat of undetermined age. She came with our new house and has never put

                                            a paw indoors. At this point, we are not even going to try to domesticate her. She comes up to

                                            the porch regularly for food and affection. She keeps the rodents and other pests under control

                                            and is very happy with her life here.


                                                                                            For Sale

                                                                 Florida Lake Front Property 

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Cape Reinga                 Sydney Opera House     Cumberland Island           Globe, AZ                                             

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Mt. Ruapehu, NZ        Glacier National Park    Sandy at Callaway Gardens    Painted Desert                   Petrified Forest

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Whakapapa N.P.        Grand Teton Natl. Park    North Georgia Mtns.         Petroglyphs                        

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ChristChurch, NZ     The Tetons                    Biltmore Estate          Sandy at Grand Canyon Overlook          Canyon View      

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Mt. Cook, NZ                  Yellowstone N.P.           Old Faithful         Colorado River

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Tasman Glacier      Haleakala Volcano, Maui   Okefenokee Swamp      Sedona, AZ                          Sedona

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   Sperm Whale          Fishing in Maui               Kauai                                                        Desert Flowers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Yellow-Eyed Penguin             Shelling in Kauai                                Naplai Coast, Kauai                                                                                                                            

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   Funky Chicken Art Project                  Desert Friend                                        Route 66


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  Destin, FL                                        FL Sheriff's Station                        Mt. Rainier

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Sandy at Rainier                   Mt. Rainier                                           Trillium

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Rainier Waterfall             Seattle Skyline                                      Seattle' Totem

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Virgin Islands Beach                        Hotel Rooms                            Virgin Island Vista

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Virgin Islanders                               Sandy's Shell